Sérgio Jorge Moreira Ribeiro

Relevant Areas

Qualification in the relevant area(s) for this course (Article 40-F of Decree-Law n.º 65/2018), must be demonstrated with the approval in the following subject, attested in the certificate of secondary education or legally equivalent qualification:

  • Biology or

  • Physical education

DGES Registry

Course registered at the General Directorate of Higher Education with the number  R/c 63/2016

Area of Education and Training

813 - Sports 

Publication in the Official Gazette

Notice  nº 3549/2018 - 2nd series, n.º 55, of 19 March.

Dispatch nº 9801/2018 - 2nd series, n.º 201, of 18 October 

Study Program Evaluation 

This Higher Technical Professional Course is a vocational training course taught as part of polytechnic higher education and lasts 4 semesters, corresponding to 120 ECTS.
The course is organised into general and scientific training, technical training and on-the-job training (internship), and each student is awarded
with a Higher Technical Professional Diploma at level 5 of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning.

Professional profile

The Higher Technical Professional Course in Youth Sports Coaching aims to train professionals who are able to draw up, manage and supervise, with autonomy and using specialised knowledge, the planning and execution of coaching, learning, personal development and sporting development processes for young athletes in different sports.

Professional opportunities

Sports coach for children and young people at training clubs and schools; coordinator for technical teams and for the coaching planning and competition process; manager of technical teams specialising in assessing performance ability in young sportspeople; sports department coordinator; manager for teams to promote physical activity and sport and recreational and training actions for a wide range of groups; coordinator and manager of facilities connected to sport.

Entry requirements (one of the following)

  • Having completed a secondary education course qualification or a legally equivalent qualification.
  • Having passed the special exams for assessing capacity to attend higher education for people over 23 (Decree-Law no. 64/2006 of 21 March).
  • Holding a technological specialisation diploma, a higher technical professional diploma or a higher education qualification.

Pursuit of further studies - Bachelor's degrees

 In case of pursuit of further studies, the credits acquired in the scope of the short-cycles can be transferred as follows:

Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies - Pursuit of further studies exempted from admission exam
The application by holders of Higher Technical Professional Diplomas to attend IPMAIA Bachelor’s degrees is subject to the conditions established by the institution body that is competent to do so in accordance with the law and the statutes. Depending on the Higher Technical Professional Course and Bachelor’s degree, these conditions may establish the need to pass a specific IPMAIA admission exam, or allow the exemption to perform such an exam.
a) Students who intend to apply for an IPMAIA Bachelor’s degree course and must sit the specific admission exam will receive suitable preparation during the teaching of the Higher Technical Professional Course.