Bachelor's Degree

Industrial Maintenance and Safety Management

Higher School of Technology and Management

This course is in the process of being discontinued, therefore no new candidates/students will be admitted.


Rui Manuel da Silveira Araújo ​​ 

Admission exams

Economics (04) or 
Mathematics (16)or
Portuguese (18)

  1​  Students who do not hold a pass in Mathematics A (19) in secondary education will need to take a ‘Complements of Mathematics’ course unit, which is free to attend.

Publication in the Official Gazette

Notice  nº 10361/2017 - 2nd series, n.º 173 of 07 September

Accreditation of the Study Program

Decision: Accredited for 6 years
Publication Date: 30-05-2017 
Official Information A3ES: Accreditation result  (in portuguese)

Study Program Evaluation 

This Bachelor’s degree provides qualifying training in two complementary areas: safety management and industrial maintenance. The course aims to meet the real needs of a highly innovative, international, multicultural and increasingly digital context, which reveals growingly structured development and improvement processes. 
The study plan is designed to provide a sound scientific base, broad technical preparation, with specialisation in several fields that are highly valued in the labour market, from occupational health and safety (OHS) to maintenance management. Alongside this, the study plan provides important technical preparation in other fields including quality management and environmental management. The technical and scientific preparation is complemented by on-the-job training – internship – or, alternatively, will be further explored through the execution of a project.
The study plan is designed to provide, together with the degree certificate, a Certificate of Professional Competence (Certidão de Aptidão Profissional – CAP) for Senior OHS Officer (level VI) once it has been certified by the Portuguese Authority for Working Conditions (Autoridade para as Condições de Trabalho – ACT); a Pedagogical Skills Certificate (Certificado de Competências Pedagógicas – CCP) from the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional – IEFP) and a certificate required to carry out internal audits under the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Professional opportunities and employability

Graduates will be able to work as: 
  • Senior OHS officers at companies or at OHS service providers; 
  • Working conditions inspectors; 
  • Specialised laboratory technicians for occupational hygiene evaluations; 
  • Specialist technicians or consultants in: OHS, maintenance, maintenance management, asset management; 
  • Mid- or high-level staff at companies or industrial maintenance service providers; 
  • Senior maintenance technician; 
  • Head of maintenance departments; 
  • Public sector technical staff.

What makes this course different? 

This degree also awards its students:  
  • The qualification of senior occupational health and safety officer, level VI (currently being analysed by the Portuguese Authority for Working Conditions – ACT); 
  • The qualification of trainer (currently being analysed by the Institute of Employment and Professional Training – IEFP); 
  • The capacity to be an internal auditor on quality management systems as per standard ISO 9001; 
  • Complementary skills in maintenance management and industrial safety that are highly valued by leading companies.