Bachelor's Degree

Digital Production For Branding

Higher School of Technology and Management


Mário Manuel Dominguez da Silva

Admission Exams 

Descriptive Geometry  (10), or 
Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences (17), 
or Portuguese (18)

Publication in the Official Gazette

Notice n.º 12326/2021 ( 2nd series),  n.º 126 of 1 July 2021

Accreditation of the  Study Program

Study Program self-evaluation guidelines (in portuguese)

Decision: Accredited for 3 years
Publication Date: 01-06-2021
Offcial Information A3ES:  Accreditation result (in portuguese)

​The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Production for Branding, a first cycle degree with a duration of six semesters (180 ECTS), aims to train digital professionals with relevant technical, creative and analytical skills, and a robust profile that can meet the challenges of contemporary brand communication.
In a constantly changing market that is eager for adaptability and attention to new trends in behaviours and technology, marked by emerging needs from corporations in the areas of communication and marketing, the Degree in Digital Production for Branding anticipates these trends by offering comprehensive training for future professionals. They will be capable of planning and deciding, but also of executing and implementing.
With a strong foundation in marketing, communication design and media design, this course was designed to address the current needs of industrial, service and commercial businesses and provides a broadbased learning experience. With a balance between theoretical content and applied practice, it prepares students to a full-stack approach to planning, conceptualizing, operationalizing and analysing organizational communication strategies.

Professional Opportunities

 This degree aims to offer students a balanced experience between the academic environment and the corporate reality, promoting work habits in multidisciplinary teams and interaction with the most current technological and social trends, within the scope of an organizational communication strategy. Thus, graduates will be able to intervene professionally upstream of that strategy, such as within boards of directors, marketing departments and/or communication departments, as well as downstream, via a direct or indirect relationship with communication and/ or advertising agencies, media outlets, communication and marketing departments. They will also be equipped to operate in a freelancing context in the areas of graphic design, digital marketing, SEO/SEM, UX, analysis and benchmarking, analogue graphic arts, product visualization, audiovisual production, personal brand activation, web presence and digital influencing, among others.

What Makes this Course Different? 

The Degree in Digital Production for Branding at IPMAIA provides a full professional and personal development for students; it is enhanced by the academic relationship with highly qualified teachers and has a strong connection to the world of organizations and businesses, in the context of an excellent academic campus. Building a comprehensive, high-quality professional portfolio is also one of the main priorities of this course. This approach, supported by a semester under a 'project-based learning' regime, backed by partners from the business community and followed by a guaranteed curricular internship, aims to steer students towards a smooth transition to the national or international job market. Portuguese students will be able to contact with colleagues from different nationalities, cultures and visions, and may also benefit from incentives for international exchange programmes.