Bachelor's Degree

Sport, Fitness and Wellness

Higher School of Social Sciences, Education and Sports


Nuno Jorge Sousa Moreira Pimenta

Admission exams

Biology and Geology (02); or    
Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences (17); or
Portuguese (18).
Requires the satisfaction of prerequisites of GROUP E - Functional and Physical Fitness (Medical Statement).

Proof of functional and physical aptitude

Medical Statement under the terms of the deliberation of the National Commission for Access to Higher Education that defines the pre-requisites for application to higher education. This medical statement is mandatory for matriculation and enrolment.

Publication in the Official Gazette

Accreditation of the Study Program

Decision: Accredited for 6 years
Publication Date: 10-04-2018 
Official information A3ES: Accreditation result (in portuguese) 

Study Program Evaluation 

Sttudy Program self-evaliation report (in portuguese)

This Bachelor’s degree pursues the general goal of graduating in Sport, Fitness and Wellness. It is a 1st cycle course with 6 semesters (180 ECTS), whose main objective is to train qualified and specialized professionals who can act with competence and commitment in a rapidly expanding sector, with urgent needs of qualified human resources :

  •  at the level of gymnasiums and academies, in physical activities in the areas of fitness; 
  • in personalized training (PT); 
  • in physical evaluation and physical exercise prescription; 
  • in the technical direction of gymnasiums; 
  • in physical activity for recreation and leisure, focusing on the promotion of health and well-being.

Career Opportunities and Employability 

Gymnasiums and academies, fitness and wellness centers, health clubs, public administration institutions and rehabilitation clinics are the natural market for holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Sport, Fitness and Wellness, who are qualified to conduct, among others, the following tasks: 
  • Teaching specific fitness and wellness activities, such as: 
    • bodybuilding, localized, water aerobics, cardiofitness, step, indoor cycling, body & mind, crosstraining, swimming, pilates;
  • Providing physical condition assessments and exercise prescription in different populations, including children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with chronic diseases; 
  • Developing personalized training programs to maintain and improve the physical condition and well-being of young people and adults;
  • Leading teams for the development and monitoring of programs to promote the health and well-being of the population, and public health surveillance; 
  • Conducting the technical direction of gymnasiums and academies, fitness and wellness centers, and health clubs; 
  • Teaching in Curriculum Enrichment Activities (AEC) - Physical and Sports Activity, 1st Cycle of Basic Education (cf. Dispatch no. 14460/2008).

What makes this course different? 

The degree in Sport, Fitness and Wellness at IPMAIA provides a full professional and personal development for students, enhanced by the academic relationship with highly qualified teachers, with a strong connection to the world of sports organizations, in the context of an excellent Academic Campus. National students will be able to contact with colleagues from different nationalities, cultures and visions, and may also benefit from incentives for international exchange programs.